Thursday, January 19, 2006


5/5 Star

Monthly Magazine
Publisher: Viz Communications Inc

Animerica is a great monthly magazine dedicated to anime & manga. As the longest running anime magazine in the US, it's had time to mature as a publication, and offers the best and most balanced content of all the anime and manga magazines in the US.

Each month it offers in depth articles on anime movies and series, as well as reviews of individual volumes. It also has articles on games, collectable toys, what's new in Japan, and more. It covers a nice variety of anime and manga sub genres from action hits like Dragonball Z to titles like Please Save my Earth. Fans of pretty much any type of anime (except hentai) will be able to find at least one article of interest in every issue. The side features, such as release dates, are invaluable, and items such as convention photos, fan art, and letters are great fun too. This magazine is a definite must for anyone who wants to find out more about anime, beyond what they might find on Cartoon Network or in their local video store. I first learned of some of my favorite works in the pages of Animerica, and continue to read it to see what's new.

The cover price is $4.95, fairly common for magazines without a great deal of high-priced advertising. Finding it can be difficult in some places, as Barnes & Noble is the only mainstream bookstore to carry it -- though any comic or gaming store with manga should also have it in stock. Luckily, subscriptions can be bought online, as well as back issues.



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