Friday, November 11, 2005

Anime Series

Anime Series Reviews

Armored Trooper VOTOMS
If you love anime for the stunning animation, beautiful art, and the most sophisticated mecha around, then you probably won't like VOTOMS. The series was made in the early days of anime, and it shows. Don't let the dated art and giant punch-card computers fool you though, VOTOMS is a thoroughly satisfying sci-fi action series.

Blue Submarine No.6
In the near future, the polar icecaps have melted, the coastal lands have flooded, and billions have died. Mutant man/animals have risen up against humanity, which is fighting just to stay alive. This is all the work of one man, Professor Zorndyke...

Cowboy Bebop
Set in what appears to be the closing part of the 21st century, Cowboy Bebop is the story of Spike and Jet, two bounty hunters and the odd collection of people they pick up during their adventures. Far from your average quirky bounty hunter and eccentric crew story, Cowboy Bebop is a new and original take on an old theme.

Excel Saga
In it's 26 episodes Excel Saga parodies just about every possible genre of anime and Japanese popular media. You've got space battles, animal drama, horror, survival tales, and post-apocalyptic fighting all interwoven with inside jokes about dozens of different movies and series.

On the surface, Gasaraki is a sharp, cutting edge mecha series. It has top notch animation, exquisitely detailed mecha and some great action and conspiracies. Dig a little beneath the surface, however, and you'll realize that everything in this series has been done before, and often better.

Genocyber is the bizarre, hard to follow, and gory story of a girl-turned-cybernetic-genocydal-godlike-monster, spanning 4 centuries and 4 episodes. The series was created in what appears to be 3 separate installments, leading to a choppy story. The first episode is somewhat more violent clone of Akira...

Hellsing is a stylish, classy, and action-packed vampire thriller. Don't be tempted to pass up the series because of it's short length, or over worked subject. Even though the subject has been covered many times both in anime and live action movies, Hellsing presents an new and refreshing look at the subject.

Now and Then, Here and There
Now and Then, Here and There is in a word awesome. Loosly based on the real life civil wars that seem to be a constant fixture of parts of Africa, NTHT follows the tale of two teenagers from Earth who are caught in the middle of an alien war.

Outlaw Star
At first glance, Outlaw Star might seem your run of the mill space adventure. However, it's much more than that. Sure, it's got great space battles, gunfights, bounty hunters, and pirates. But it's also got some great comedy an extremely likable crew of characters.

Please Save My Earth
Based on a shojo (girl's) manga, Please Save My Earth is a well crafted and entertaining story of 7 friends who discover that they all shared a past life together.

Record of the Lodoss War

Record of the Lodoss War is a pretty standard D&D spinoff, so if you like D&D inspired fantasy, you'll like this. Just don't expect anything too original. Lodoss War is a 13 episode OAV series that covers the adventures of an aspiring knight, Parn, and his companions as they attempt to stop the Emperor of Marmo and his armies from acquiring the Scepter of Domination.

When I started the first episode of Trigun, I thought "What have I gotten myself into?" By the third I was hooked, and it just got better from there. Trigun can only be described as schizophrenic. Slapstick happy-go-luck humor one second, dark, end of the world depression the next. It's hard to decide if Vash is the silliest man alive, a living disaster, or the savior of all humanity. Eventually, you'll just settle on all three.


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